Reflections so far…

What are the challenges for you as an online student?
I am a really good procrastinator so not having enough deadlines is really hard for me. I keep on putting things off and am always racing to the finish line. I’m like this in face to face classes as well but it’s so much easier to procrastinate in a self-paced, online class.

How are you going to deal with these challenges?
Well, I have set myself some deadlines and have started putting post-it notes with tasks I need to do on the wall next to my desk. It feels good when I get to take a post-it note down and see my wall clearing up so this is helping me so far.

What has been your most important learning to date?
Well, in the theme of the questions and answers above, the most important thing that I have learned so far is that I really really really enjoy learning about eLearning…once I get around to it.So I really should just get around to it sooner.

I also think that experiential learning is the best way to learn. I have been applying the things I read, or saw in a project that I am currently working on. I was creating Moodle courses for the first time as an administrator (with not much experience or support apart from Google) so I started by using the ‘categories’ on Moodle. I put the ‘course’ in as a category, and then the modules within the course as ‘subcategories’. Apparently, it still creates everything as separate courses so when I looked into enrolling 100+ students to the courses and had 9 different ones, I knew something had to be done. The eLearning course that I am taking now uses a ‘toggleview’ plugin for Moodle so I googled that and it looked like exactly what I was trying to do with all my ‘categories’. So, I got the plugin installed onto our Moodle platform and moved all the content from the ‘categories’ into the ‘toggleview’ courses. I ended up with 3, nicely organized courses. I am also going to try and figure out how to create a crossword puzzle because I just had fun doing one to solidify my own knowledge of the various eLearning terms.

When I was learning how to teach (face to face), I learned so much observing other teachers and subbing for other teachers and looking through their lesson plans. I got a lot of tips and tricks and I think I am doing that here as well. (Thanks Joanne!)


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