Thoughts on ePortfolios

Do you think there is a place in your teaching for eportfolios? Why or why not? I am not teaching at the moment but I definitely think there is a place for eportfolios in most teaching contexts. It shows learners their progress and keeps them accountable for their own learning. It’s great for tracking evidence-based learning developments and is motivating to look through. Learners and instructors can also gain a lot of insight on a learner’s strengths and weaknesses from looking through a portfolio.

ePortfolios are increasingly being used to illustrate personal/professional development and achievements in teaching. What value do you see in creating your own personal teaching eportfolio? What kind of artifacts would you think of including in this portfolio?

I think there is great value in creating a personal eportfolio to illustrate personal and professional development. I just started using LinkedIn recently and adding all of my work experience and projects was really satisfying. It is a quasi eportfolio and seeing the work that I have done laid out like that is a great motivator to keep on doing more. If I were to create a more serious eportfolio, I would probably use this blog and add more projects that I have worked on, teaching materials that I have created for in person and online courses, performance evaluation comments from the various places I have taught and comments from students. I would also include my CV, links to good resources that I have come across, a link to my twitter feed which I use mostly for collecting resources, and a link to my LinkedIn profile page.


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