Back to It – EDUC 4151 Design & Develop Interactive eLearning

Do you currently read any blogs? Why or Why not?
I don’t read any particular blogs but I do follow a lot of educational twitter accounts and sometimes browse through the education section on Flipboard. I’ve also signed up for the Faculty Focus newsletter which has really great headlines that make me want to read the articles and find out more but I haven’t really had time to do this.

How do you feel about your abilities as a blogger? Do you have any concerns?
I think I am a capable blogger but I don’t have the discipline to keep it up. I had my first experience blogging when I first moved to Japan. This was a while ago and it was really fun blogging about my experiences. I was a lot less self conscious about my online presence back then. Now, I’d much rather use my blog as a collection of interesting links and articles that I have come across.

What goal would you like to meet with this blog?
I’d like this blog to be a collection of things that I’ve reflected on and learned throughout this course in online instruction. I may continue to use it after the course but I’m not really sure at this point.


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